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Dr. Manu Sharma receives NIA R01 Grant

Dr. Manu Sharma, is an Assistant Professor of Neuroscience in the Appel Institue and has been awarded an R01 grant from the National Institute on Aging (NIA) effective August 1, 2016. His research project entitled, "DnaJ Co-Chaperones Which Modify Tau Aggregation and Neurodegeneration" will aim to identify a molecular mechanism underlying tau proteostasis and to determine in vivo how this mechanism modifies tau aggregation and neurodegeneration. Chaperones are key mediators of proteostasis, and the chaperone protein Hsc70 is known to bind tau directly. This study will test the central hypothesis that tau aggregation and neurodegeneration are ameliorated by the activities of these two chaperone machines: tau is stabilized by the CSPα/Hsc70/SGT-foldase complex, and tau is degraded via the Hsj1/Hsc70/CHIP-degradase complex. Congratulations Dr. Sharma!

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