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Congratulations to Daniel Barnett from the Orr lab, who has received a NRSA F31 fellowship!

Daniel Barnett from the Orr Lab was awarded an NRSA F31 predoctoral fellowship from the NIA for his proposal, “Mitochondrial complex III-derived ROS in astrocytic signaling and Alzheimer’s disease-related pathogenesis”. His research will explore how complex III ROS is a context-dependent regulator of neural signaling, neuroinflammation, and proteinopathy, which may reveal complex III ROS as a novel therapeutic target for AD and related dementias.


Congratulations to the Appel and BMRI Summer Scholars, Derbie Desir and Zyrai Lisse!

The Appel and BMRI Summer Diversity Scholar Program warmly congratulates this year’s scholars, Derbie Desir and Zyrai Lisse.

Derbie is a rising senior at New York City College Of Technology. She was mentored by Drs. Jennifer Linden and Tim Vartanian and presented her summer project titled “Detection of Clostridium perfringens epsilon toxin (ETX) in the central nervous system of mice using a newly developed ETX antibody.”

Zyrai completed her research project “Alpha-synuclein...

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Congratulations to Celeste Parra Bravo, a 2023 Dompe Foundation’s Rita L. Montalcini Scholarship recipient!

Celeste Parra Bravo, a graduate student in the Gan Lab, received the Dompe Foundation’s Rita L. Montalcini Scholarship. This competitive fellowship was awarded to Celeste for her outstanding research in understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying tau-mediated neurodegeneration using human induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) models.

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