Congratulations to Dr. Noah Guiberson from the Burre lab, who has received a grant jointly funded by Uplifting Athletes and the STXBP1 Foundation.

Dr. Noah Guiberson, a neuroscientist from Appel Institute, has been recognized as one of the 10 esteemed researchers awarded a $20,000 research grant at Uplifting Athletes' Young Investigator Draft. Organized by the nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the rare disease community, Uplifting Athletes, in collaboration with the STXBP1 Foundation, the event showcased Dr. Guiberson's proposal to study STXBP1-related disorders by characterizing a novel STXBP1 missense mutant mouse model. With his groundbreaking past research leading to potential therapeutics and the initiation of the first-ever clinical trial for STXBP1, Dr. Guiberson's project offers invaluable insights into genotype-phenotype correlations for precision therapies. His expertise, passion for rare neurological disorders, highlighted by his popular podcast "Facts Machine," made him an ideal candidate for the Young Investigator Draft.

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